DVI-I Cable Adapter Info

DVI, or Digital Video Interface Technology came about in 1999 as a result of the formation of the Digital Display Working GroupDVI-A Information (DDWG) a year prior.  Their original mission was to create a standard digital video interface for communication between a Personal Computer and a VGA monitor.  Recently, however, the consumer electronics industry began implementing DVD players, set-top boxes, televisions, and LCD/plasma monitors with DVI technology.

DVI-I, having the capacity to carry both digital and analog signals, can be used to connect an analog output to an analog input, or a digital output to a digital input only.  Take note that a DVI-I cable can not connect a digital output to an analog input or vice versa.  A DVI-I plug will accept any type of DVI cable, DVI-I, DVI-D, or DVI-A, but you must make sure that your source and display are both using the same format for it to work.  Also, DVI-I, as with DVI-D, comes with either a single or a dual TMDS link.

Single TMDS link DVI cables can support resolutions and timings that use a video clock rate of about 25-165 MHz.  A dual link DVI-I cable, on the other hand, will handle up to 330 MHz and is backwards compatible with single link.  Thus if you are unsure which type you need, the dual link will work where the single link may not.  In order to determine your required bandwidth just multiply your desired resolution by your desired refresh rate (ie. 1600x1200 x 70 = 134 MHz).
Pin Signal Pin Signal Pin Signal
1 D2- 9 D1- 17 D0-
2 D2 10 D1 18 D0
3 shield 11 shield 19 shield
4 D4- 12 D3- 20 D5-
5 D4 13 D3 21 D5
6 DDC SCL 14 +5V 22 shield
7 DDC SDA 15 ground 23 CLK
8 VSYNC 16 Hot Plug Detect 24 CLK-
C4 HSYNC C5 ground    

Connector Side A
Connector Side B

DVI-I Single Link Male Connector
DVI-I Single Link Male Connector
DVI-I Single Link Cable

DVI-I Dual Link Male Connector
DVI-I Dual Link Male Connector

DVI-I Dual Link Cable

Connector Side A
Connector Side B

DVI-I Female Connector
DVI-D Male Connector

DVI-I Female to DVI-D Male