DVI-I Cable Adapter Info

Refer to this chart of digital video connectors to determine which connector is which.  This chart will help you to easily identify what type of cable you are working with or which type you will need to buy.  Pay close attention to the pin configurations that set these connectors apart from one another.

  Single TMDS Link Dual TMDS Link
DVI-D DVI-D Single Link DVI-D Dual Link
DVI-I DVI-I Single Link DVI-D Dual Link
DVI-A DVI-A Connector Single Link Only
Video Interfaces Compatible with DVI
HDMI HDMI Connector Photo Unavailable
DisplayPort HDMI Connector Photo Unavailable
SVGA SVGA Connector Single Link Only
DFP DFP (Digital Flat Panel) Connector Single Link Only
M1 (P&D) Analog P&D (Plug and Display) Connector Photo Unavailable
M1 (P&D) Digital P&D Digital Connector Photo Unavailable