Acronyms and Definitions
Here you will find definitions to the various technical acronyms and abbreviations used in the field of video technologies, digital as well as analog. . . Read More

What makes digital better than analog?
DVI and HDMI transmit video signals in a digital format as opposed to the traditional analog VGA/SVGA format.  Digital transmission technology results in a superior quality image over analog transmission technology. . . Read More

What is TMDS?
DVI makes use of Transition-Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) wherein eight bits of video data are converted to a 10-bit transition-minimized, DC-balanced value.  This value is then serialized and sent to the receiver. . . Read More

What is HDCP?
Along with the introduction of DVI technology came the need to prevent the digital video data from being pirated, or copied without authorization.  In order to address this issue High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) was derived. . . Read More

What is CEC?
Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an optional protocol used in HDMI systems that allows devices to pass control functions along to all devices within the system.  CEC was designed to operate at low speeds with minimal processing and memory overhead. . . Read More