DVIHDMICables.com was created as a informational resource about DVI/HDMI/SVGA Cables and Adapters with the intentions to provide enough information to simplify the sometimes confusing task of selecting the proper adapter or cable for your particular application.
DVI Technology

DVI Interface

DVI or Digital Video/Visual Interface cables are available in three flavors which each have their own specific application. DVI-A (Analog Video), DVI-D (Digital Video) and DVI-I (Integrated Analog/Digital Video) comprise the three different types of DVI Cables.
HDMI Technology

HDMI Interface

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface (Digital Audio/Video) cables which are the simplest to understand and know which cable is needed since there is only one type. Although it can become confusing when tying a DVI and HDMI device together
SVGA Technology

SVGA Interface

There are two types of VGA cables, VGA (Analog Video) and SVGA (Analog Video). Quite often these two cables are included under the same generic name "SVGA" or "Super VGA" while they are both very different cables and in some applications one or the other is indeed needed.