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Analog Interface

If you need to connect a traditional analog display, such as a SVGA monitor, to a DVI output you will need a DVI-A cable. DVI-A connectors are male only and will not connect to anything but a DVI-I female connector.  Take note that a DVI-A connector will not work when connected to a female DVI-D connector.  Also, DVI-A adapters are all single TMDS link connections, however, they will work in either single or dual link DVI-I female connections.


DVI-A Analog Connector

VGA Connector (HD15)

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Other DVI Types

The three different types of DVI are DVI-D, DVI-I, and DVI-A.  DVI-D is strictly digital, can support dual link, and contains 24 contacts arranged in three rows of eight.  DVI-I has the original 24 digital contacts, as well as five additional contacts to support analog video.  DVI-I also supports dual link.  DVI-A on the other hand, is only available as a male connector or plug which only mates with the analog contacts of a DVI-I connection.  DVI-A is used to convert between DVI and the traditional analog display technology. 


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